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Title Contender

These might be up there for my favourite opening credits ever, witty and so tongue in cheek.  All the old corny cliches for sex, the train going into the tunnel, the champagne popping , the fireworks, they are all there.  The Neon Bingo sign makes me laugh out loud every time.

But what comes after is one of the best, well-written, well- acted dramas I have seen in a long while.  The period styling of the mid 60s puts it on a par with Mad Men and the story they are telling is electrifying.  Masters of Sex (Channel 4 10.00 pm Tuesday) is about the pioneering scientific studies done by Masters and Johnson in the human sexual response.

It is how they then weave the individual stories of the characters to illuminate the research are breath-taking, every issue from the time is there, from the right of a woman to be able to control her own fertility to how homosexuality was still considered deviant behaviour.  A central theme is how does an intelligent woman make her mark in the world and still manage to be a mother.  A theme that still chimes today.  And last week’s episode debunking Freud’s infantile views on female sexuality should be taught as a masterclass in screenwriting classes everywhere.

Michael Sheen is wonderful as the very buttoned up academic Bill Masters and Lizzie Caplan lights up the screen as Virginia Johnson.  If you haven’t tried it already, give it a whirl, I promise it will leave you gasping for more.