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This is genius.  Some tv producers must have watched The Royale Family and thought why we don’t we film telly addicts watching their favourite shows for real.  Thus Caroline Aherne voiced the first series and now it’s Dave’s (Craig Cash) turn for series 2.   It’s that simple and it is so watchable for the same reasons other Channel 4 documentaries such as 24 Hours in A&E and the Educating Series have been.  It shows all the beauty and pathos of humanity in our most mundane moments.   You can be roaring with laughter one minute and crying the next .  Viewing everyone shed a tear for Mushy the boy with the stammer on Educating Yorkshire was even more moving than watching the original transmission.  I confess my screen went very blurry for a second time.  Sadly I can’t find the Educating Yorkshire clip (another outstanding show) but here is a taster, if you haven’t already discovered the delights of Stephanie & Dominic, Jean & Leon et al goggling at the box.