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short but extremely pithy

My blood is boiling.. I know my blood is often boiling, I can’t get the kids out the door to school in the morning without my anger overspilling like a neglected milkpan but today my blood is going nuclear.

Those GDP negative growth figures of -0.7 for the last quarter must surely be THE WAKE UP CALL to any misguided fools still clinging on to the idea that George Osborne knows what he is doing.  The coalition’s economic policies are driving this country into the ground.

But what really got my goat beyond belief was the idiot at the treasury claiming that we were to blame if we paid a tradesman in cash the day after The Observer published that the super-rich had siphoned off £13 TRILLION into offshore tax havens.

I know plumbers cost the earth these days but even my bathroom renovations didn’t cost that much.  Mr Idiot from the Treasury I think your calculator might be on the blink.  Your sums are not stacking up.  Even if every transaction in the country was done cash in hand I think we would be far pushed to have squirrelled away those amounts.  Plus I have a very sneaky feeling that the names on those fantastical, unimaginable large deposits of money in the Caymans and all those other treasure islands of tax havenry are not Pete’s Plumbing or Scott the Sparky or John the Joiner do you?  I would be happy to bet the whole of the £13 trillion that no one depositing money in these ways has even driven a white van, ever.

It just seems to be another example of how the world is divided.  The ordinary people who work hard, play fair and get on with their daily lives with sanguine acceptance.  Then we have the elite, either  wealthy or ruling and frequently both, who just seem to live in another world altogether, a place where common sense, checked out a long time ago.

Bank of Dave on Channel 4 documenting the attempts by a Burnley Businessman to make a difference something for his community is another example.  He can see the crippling effect of banks not lending on local business.  He is a very personable, highly successful businessman and can see a solution.  He will set up his own Savings and Loans bank.   He makes his decisions by visiting businesses, he can see the level of hard work and dedication.  He does business by trust, instinct and a hand-shake.  He remembers when someone took a chance on him.  By episode 3, 95% of all money lent had already been paid back.  Any profits made were then distributed to local charities.  But what did the FSA want to do?  They wanted to shut him down because he didn’t have the necessary capitalisation.

Grrrrrrrrrrr, there it went again, my blood boiling over.  How have we got it so topsy-turvy?  The financial regulators couldn’t prevent the banking crisis of 2008,  but want to stop a man who is actually succeeding in making a real and lasting difference.

We have become a nation of box-tickers.  We need more can-do spirit in this country, men from the Treasury and FSA  please sit up and take note before it’s too late.