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Prince William.. I think I am falling a little bit in love with your wife…..

This post has taken me by surprise too but watching the Duchess of Cambridge present the wonderfully exuberant Aled Davies with his Gold Medal last night and then heartily sing the National Anthem, I thought congratulations Prince William you really have managed to find the most lovely wife, not just for you but for the country too.

At both Games, Kate in particular, seems to have been ubiquitous and has supported, cheered and clapped Team GB and Paralympics GB at an incredible number of events. Even  in the rain at Eton Dorney yesterday she seemed as delighted to be there as the rest of us would have been.  I have found it very exciting to see her pop up everywhere and I am sure her presence has given the athletes a real boost too.

I know that she comes from a life of great privilege.  I know she will never have to do the weekly shop with that hideous feeling in pit in her stomach, worrying herself sick trying to feed her family well but on a very tight budget.  I know she will never stress about the lecky bill,  or redundancy, or the state of her pension.  But despite that, I still feel that she does seem fairly normal and quite grounded.   She might live in grace and favour apartments but she doesn’t look like she puts on any airs and graces.  She might have a £30,000 a year beauty spend and I am an Aldi Face Cream kinda girl (purely out of necessity!) but still I think Kate has quite similar in outlook to the rest of us, just with a lottery-winner sized bank balance.

I am probably very late to the party here.  I know the British Fashion have been in love with “Kate effect” for some time now, such has been her impact, particularly on the High Street.  Looking back now last year’s wedding was a strong indicator that she was quite down to earth, managing to combine glorious displays of British Pomp and Ceremony without obscuring that at the heart of it we were watching a marriage of two people who truly were in love   The fact that her dress was loved universally, edgy enough for the Fash Pack but classic enough for the traditionalists, was a very good barometer of her innate good judgement and her ability to manage to please everyone, seemingly effortlessly.   She even seems to know how to make the Queen smile.  And as we have seen recently at the Jubilee and the Opening Ceremonies, smiles from the Queen are few and far between.

Maybe the date is significant.  A couple of days ago it was the 15th anniversary of  Diana’s death. Maybe that is why I looked at Kate, and remembered that 15 year old boy walking behind his mother’s coffin, and thought William, I think you have found the right person to support you in your future life, both private and public.  And this I am  not ashamed to say made me feel rather happy.  Both for him and for us!