Square Eyes

There are so many great new TV shows at the moment that my eyes are in great danger of turning distinctly square-shaped.

The Returned Sunday Channel 4 9.00 pm

Camille – just your average returned from the dead teenager

Spooky goings on in a small French town.  Comparisons have been made to Twin Peaks but this eight part story of much loved family members inexplicably returning from the dead has a look all of its own.  The colours all seemed tinged with a greeny grey, as if touched with embalmer’s brush.  Eerily gripping from the dramatic opening sequence, it’s a must watch.

Dates Channel 4  – Tues & Wednesday 10.00 pm

The first three episodes of this acutely well observed comedy aired this week.  I strongly recommend catching up on 4OD.  It’s a simple premise.  Each night two people meet for a blind date.  The resultant conversations are pitch perfect, I haven’t been on a date in 20 years but it brought all back.   The nerves, the butterflies, that cringey combination of  toe-curling awkwardness coupled with that desperate need to be liked and not rejected.  It is all there and played out to perfection.

So far the acting has been outstanding, Well Mellor, Sheridan Smith, Neil Maskell (fast becoming my favourite actor of the moment) and Ben Chaplin were superb, but Oona Chaplin (The Hour, Game of Thrones) as the gorgeous but witheringly disdainful Celeste/Mia has been a glory to watch.  In turns, mean, bitchy, breathtakingly insulting, engaged, drawn in, interested.  It all flitted across that beautiful face like clouds scurringly across the sky on a breezy day.

Mia: less date night more fright night

I can’t wait for next week’s instalments.

The Fall – BBC 2

This is one series the iplayer was made for.  A police procedure that didn’t break all the rules.  For once there wasn’t a maverick cop, a tortured genius battling against their demons to find the killer.  No, we knew who he was from the get go and there was a woman on his case.  And what a woman.   Detective superintendent Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) was brought in from the Met to Belfast to review a stalled murder case of a young, professional female.  Gillian Anderson’s Gibson is a woman on the top of her game, intelligent, confident and very in control of her emotions and her working environment.  If that wasn’t enough her silk blouses have over taken Sara Lund’s jumper as the lusted after wardrobe item.

This thrilling psychological drama refined creepy.  It was scary and chilling and very very watchable, so much so it a second series has already been commissioned.  If I haven’t persuaded you, watch this trailer it really sums up how original this series was (and the music is hauntingly beautiful.

So if you don’t hear from over the next few weeks, now you know why!  Happy watching, if you watch I hope you enjoy them too.  Let me know what you think!


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