Mum Solo

Paul has just left. For his first week in Nottingham. Of course it is fabulous that he has another job and one that segue-ways so neatly from his previous one. (Actually last week was manic as the two overlapped). Especially after my last blog finally admitted just how terrified I was about his impending redundancy.

I am going to try and chronicle the trails and tribulations of being Mum Solo during the week. Being mum and dad Monday to Friday to a son in high school and a daughter in primary school whilst holding down a full time job. I am sure there were will be some amazing benefits but right now I wasn’t expecting to feel so sad. Even Nina who is not one given to showing any sort of affection to a member of her family (if you imagine the behaviour of a very aloof cat you might get some idea) came out to wave her dad off into the night unbidden.

I am going to try and take each day as it comes. Not to allow these feelings of terror to overwhelm me. I remind myself that I really can do this and try not to think too much about how empty the house feels. For a man of few words I am surprised how silent things feel right now. I will let you know how many times I accidently make him a cup of tea this week.


5 thoughts on “Mum Solo

  1. Hi Natalie, you will manage with flying colours and Friday and Paul will be back before you know it. Assign some little jobs to your nearest and dearest, ie. Like putting out the garbage, sorting the recycling stuff etc, making their beds and keeing their rooms tidy. Maybe they do this already but all helps a working mother and then you will have more time to spend with them. Greeting from Salamanca everyone send love your way. You will get used to the routine of flying Solo so don’t worry too much although a bit trying at first. Big hugs. Auntie C xxxx

  2. Be brave darling … I can talk from experience when I say it’s NOT easy …. but I am more than sure you can rise to the challenge. You have friends on hand if you need to vent or offload. Hang in there honey!! Xx

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