Love is the Message – In defence of Valentine’s Day

It was impossible to miss that it was St Valentine’s Day this week.

My Facebook timeline contained only two types of comments.  Either it was girls with bragging rights as they had been festooned with cards, hearts and roses. Or it was surly men complaining this was “forced love” day.

I can see both sides, that bolt of electricity that shoots through your body if you receive a card or token from a new admirer, there really is nothing like it.  Indeed the Japanese have a word, dokidoki describing that delicious feeling when your heart beats faster because you are with someone you like.  I love the poetry in that word.

On the other hand the cost of forced grown roses shoots up exponentially just for this one day.  It IS a rip-off.  All my long-married girlfriends get flowers from their husbands the day after.  They too are very happy with this arrangement.  When kids, food and fuel demand almost the entire monthly household budget, a dozen red roses delivered on the day seems more profligate than any over spending monarch of old.

But I have to come clean and say I like Valentine’s Day.  When you are as forgetful as me, it’s good to have a day to remind you to put some romance in your life.  Not going over board, just a card, maybe a small token to show you still care, and most definitely some steak and champagne in the evening.  That is a must!  I am eternally grateful to Gordon Ramsey for doing that live cookalong programme a few years ago.  He did a Valentine’s menu of smoked salmon, steak and homemade oven chips.  He taught my husband to cook the perfect sirloin that night, and every 14 February I give thanks!

But I have to say leave it to the gay community to show us how to do it with style.  This was the best message on Facebook yesterday.   This is really the spirit of Valentine’s Day isn’t it.   Just lots of imagination and romance.   It doesn’t have to cost the earth, it just has to show that you have made a bit of  effort for the one you love.   As the comments by the pictures attested, all us girls were swooning and madly picking up tips for next year.  So thank you Paul and Chris for sharing, I hope you had a wonderful day and thank you again,  you  have improved my future Valentine’s immeasurably.


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