Divide and Rule

Diane Abbot is in hot water again saying that White people love to divide and rule.  There are calls for her to resign, that she is being racist.

I don’t know enough about this situation to comment but over the years I have felt constantly buffeted (usually by newspaper articles) by division.  I don’t think divide and rule is necessarily a “white” trait, just a rather ugly human one.

For example.. newspapers love to set working mums and stay at home mums against each other.   Even going so far as calling it a war.  Well I have been both.  Both have pluses and minuses and both are equally as hard.  Most crucially though I have never met in my 11 years of being a parent, another mum that “looks down” on someone else’s choice.  In fact my group of “mum” friends (both working and stay at home ones) are the most warm circle of support, comfort and essential advice.  Without them I couldn’t have survived.

A sub-section of the mums-phoney war would be the demonisation of child-care.  I had to return to work full time when my son was just over 6 months old.  I found the most happy, caring, nurturing environment in a day care nursery.  My son was very happy and  has made life long friends there (as have I.)   I will never forget reading the article on Sunday saying basically putting a child into nursery under the age of two was tantamount to child-cruelty. That is just irresponsible journalism. Was it not hard enough to be separated from my child for those long days without being made to think I was harming him too?  I would love to link you to the article but sadly there is now a paywall!

Public Sector V Private Sector

This reared its unnecessary head again recently over the strikes.

Public Sector workers are also tax-payers, and thus also contribute to the taxation revenue of this country.  And do the jobs that provide the infrastructure, government, roads, policing, courts, fire services, schools, hospitals, bin collection etc etc to let the rest of us get on with our lives.  So again. why do we have to put one against the other.  Why can’t we be grateful for the contribution everyone makes?

Men v Women

I hardly have to strength to reopen this Pandora’s box, but only today I saw someone has posted on facebook.. “do men make better online content than women”.  Oh yawn.  Some people make better online content than others.. it has nothing to do with their gender. End of.

Women v Women

All those phony stories about X-factor judges have fashion battles, boring.  Vacuous celebrity bubble-heads with too many dogs at war.. snooze.   In fact just don’t read any of those magazines, Jen at war with Angie (well she may have a point there!).  They are just there to pit women against each other in a way that I can only describe as akin to bear-baiting.   It is just horrible and it deadens all of us inside, comparison by hateful comparison.  I have written about magazines before.. you may like to have a look if you didn’t see it last time.

North-South Divide

All I will say on this subject is that I think the South think about this a lot than we do in the North!

These are just a few examples off the top of my head and reading this you might think I am being naive.  Of course an element of competition does spur people on to bigger and better things.  But there is definitely too much pitting people against each other just to stir up controversy.  And who wins out of all this?  Well usually the paper proprietors of course.


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