Christmas Shopping Tips:- Avoid Google, Starbucks and Amazon

I was delighted to see the European heads of these massive US corporations squirming under the gaze of the select committee  a couple of weeks ago.

I particularly enjoyed Margeret Hodge’s ascersion that what they were doing wasn’t illegal, but it was certainly immoral.  It was so good to get that view on all the news platforms across the country.   Why should the rest of us work and live in worsening economic conditions, whilst Starbucks can claim to make no profit in this country because the licensing costs of using the name Starbucks here in the UK costs the same amount of the profit they would have made?

So here is an idea when doing your Christmas shopping try and use companies that haven’t had to explain their balance sheets to Parliament.

May I suggest either John Lewis or maybe even Morrisons.  Both have been in the papers over the past couple of days telling the Chancellor that the unfair tax practices the huge foreign conglomerates take advantage of could put them both out of business.

And with Amazon marketplace traders who are small businesses paying their fair share of tax, please still use them,  you can find them on Amazon and then just contact them direct so that they don’t lose out.

So then when you are gathered in the heart of your family on Christmas Day and everyone are opening the presents they love, you can have a rosy glow you have found the perfect gift AND that you have kept money in this country to help our economy instead of sending it on a wild electronic goose chase to end up in some Scrooge like billionaires pocket in the Caymen Islands, and saving British Jobs to boot.

What could be more in the spirit of Christmas than that?!

Happy Shopping Everyone!

The John Lewis Snowman showing us the Way!




3 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping Tips:- Avoid Google, Starbucks and Amazon

  1. It was indeed a karma-filled marvel to watch those uncomfortable corporate heads fidget like naughty children being caught out, “we’ve done nothing wrong mummy…we just did what those accountants told us to do”.

    We really must vote with our feet. Costa Coffee (no relation to myself, unfortunately) is the alternative to Starbucks but I would say go local. Or even better avoid the fat-laced sugary treacle that is thimble-part coffee and bucket-part sugar altogether.


    1. Costa sadly is just as bad, Pret are very ethical and have the best coffee in my very humble opinion!

      I am voting with my wallet and feet everywhere I can!

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