Natalie HarrisNatalie Michele Hazzard Harris was named after Natalie Wood, Michele Dotrice, the Dukes of Hazzard and the eminent actor Richard Harris.

Brought up by wolves in a small and uncivilised part of Harrogate, she spent her formative years developing a BBC accent, looking sullen, and attempting to get her eyebrows into movies.  A feat which she achieved in the 1985 David Hare film ‘Wetherby’.

Several eyebrow pluckings and two children later, Natalie now brings her opinion to any media stream that will have her.  And in the absence of a proper outlet, she makes do with Twitter and now ‘Natalie Harris: My Blog.’

Here she is in her natural habitat; On the BBC Six O’Clock News earlier this year:

If you require an opinionated and down-to-earth talking head with a trustworthy pair of filmstar eyebrows, then Natalie Harris would be your best choice.  Contact her using the contact link.