A Queen in A Carpark

Extraordinary and exciting as the news is that Richard III has been discovered, buried in a Social Services Car Park in Leicester for the past 500 years is, there is one detail of this story from this incredible story that defies all rational thought.   The discovery all stemmed from a hunch.

Phillipa Langley has become a new hero to me.  I absolutely adore that she raised all the funds for the dig and the dig itself on a hunch.  On a feeling.  In this age of computers and rationalisation, of research and scientific facts, she walked along that car park on a hot’s summer’s day when she felt it and she said she just knew.  “I walked past a particular spot and absolutely knew I was walking on his grave,” she told the Sunday Times.”It was a hot summer and I had goosebumps so badly and I was freezing cold.

“I am a rational human being but the feeling I got was the same feeling I have had before when a truth is given to me.”

Now I have been forced to watch endless Timeteams on Channel 4.  Horrible dreary programmes with beardy men grub about in the mud for a bit of crockery or at best a piece of Roman coin.   Dull Dull Dull.  I bet too, when they heard about this project they all scoffed and sneered at the fanaticism of Phillipa Langley and her fellow Ricardians, determined to reveal the truth behind their much maligned, King.

I am sure all scientists and academics were very sceptical, I am sure if she would have come to me I would have been too (from my extensive knowledge of Timeteam I know archeologists normally never find anything ever).  So how did Phillipa Langley keep going? Keep persevering with nothing more than a sixth sense?  How sweet it is that she was rewarded so fully?   To not only discover his remains, but have done so within the first fortnight of the dig.

So Phillipa Langley, I salute you, I think you are proof in the believing power of dreams, of never, ever giving up and for listening to your instincts.  I am going to take heed. The way you discovered your King in a Carpark makes you a Queen in my eyes.

It started with a hunch, not a hunch-back

How Richard III would have really looked based on facial reconstructive techniques.


3 thoughts on “A Queen in A Carpark

  1. I am a new Ricardian (which sounds like a Star Trek alien race). This wonderful piece of documentary which fused eccentricity with electricity may not be surpassed for another 500 years. In fact, remnants of its existence may be found in the car park of what was the Channel 4 offices in 2413.

    To think that Philippa Langley achieved all this on a “hunch” (surely a comical pun, there), is spectacular and a fine example of British can-do attitude. Talking of what she can-do, she can certainly shed a tear every 5 minutes and would have made a excellent mourner at the Platagenet king’s burial.

    Poor Richard, some way to go that, especially with a sword up the royal chamber. Dreadful.

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

  2. May have to boycott your blog now after such dissing of Time Team! Finding an artefact in the mud, be it a broken old piece of pot, a coin, a seal, part of brooch or part of a horse’s harness, that has not been touched since the last Roman, Celt or feudal serf dropped it or threw it away is just as romantic as finding a dead king’s bones. The mystery behind each item is every bit as tantalising and stimulating.to the imagination, and more so if you can actually touch the artefact yourself and not just look at it through museum glass.

    Clearly the scientists and archaeologists were not sceptical because they ran with it and proved the hunch ( in both senses). A bit more respect for the beardy men and women grubbing about in the mud please!

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